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Coatings. The corrosion and wear of production and transportation pipelines represents a major economic and environmental challenge to the oil and gas industry. Energy companies in particular suffer from pipeline rupture and cracking due to interior and exterior corrosion, causing oil leakage and spillage into the environment. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), a worldwide …

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Global Water Scarcity & Cleanliness. Water is expected to become in shorter supply as the global population growth accelerates. The 2015 World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report ranked Water Crises as the biggest of all risks, higher than Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Spread of Infectious Diseases (pandemics). Our reliance on the availability of fresh water is essential …

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Scientific Team

Leah Coumont, PhD – Director, Research & Development / Scientific Lead, Environment Dr. Coumont holds PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta for her work preparing functional organic polymers and self-assembled carbon nanomaterials. Over the course of her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees she has accumulated over 10+ years of experience in working with functional organic …

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