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Joanne Boothby, MBA – Business Development

Joanne Boothby brings more than 20 years of experience in various industries and positions. Her experience extends into sectors of oil and gas, sales, real estate, information management, education, research, and public service.

Joanne has completed a Masters in Business Administration, a Certification in Professional Management through the Canadian Institute of Management, and holds an extensive background in Chemistry with certification in Chemistry Technology Research. Through her works for more than 21 years with the Alberta Research Council in Biotechnology and Oil and Gas Business Development units, Joanne has the expertise in developing and executing the strategy in product development and manufacturing of products.

Joanne’s experience in energy and oil and gas combined with her expertise in chemistry and education offer Graphene Leader’s Canada (GLC) Inc. the ability to provide an information and education platform for application development and industry opportunity for various sectors.