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Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) Inc., is an innovative high-tech privately owned and operated research and development company that will concentrate its efforts on producing commercialized graphene for industrial, infrastructural, medical, military, energy, oil & gas and other sectoral applications. The company team is made up of industry prominent scientific experts in nanotechnology, medicine, research and development, business commercialization, energy, oil & gas, government and law. GLC Inc. is at the forefront of bringing graphene applications development and formulations to the Canadian market and enters the market as Leaders to develop their vision with awareness and keen enthusiasm. GLC Inc. was incorporated in Alberta 2013.



Things are looking up in the Graphene Sector


In an industry that’s constantly changing and growing faster than even imaginable, you need to be more than adaptable. You need to be innovative and progressive. That’s GLC Inc. A dynamic and positive force in the graphene research and development industry, we look beyond the status quo. We’re committed to innovation, both in how we deliver our product and services and the way we grow our business. From the ground up, we’re raising standards within our industry and expectations among our stakeholders and investors. We’re finding better answers for today and smarter strategies for tomorrow.



Taking it up a notch


GLC Inc. was formed through the merger of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals who hold a strong vision for Canada. Together, we’ve created a powerful enterprise specializing in high products and services in graphene and our vision of future development in research and development of IP opportunities go unwaivered. As a unified group of professionals working collaboratively, we’re creating an inspired vision with inventive solutions while using advanced techniques and processes. As a result, we intend to advance into one of the leading graphene specialists for Canada making a difference for all Canadians.



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Please contact us at grapheneleaderscanada@gmail.com for more information.